Great News!

I just got my first paying comic gig!

I got the news a couple of weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to posting this now. I was going to work on my comic strip, but this is taking priority. It’s not a long comic, I’m told it only needs to be 1-9 pages in length, and it’s not due until April so I’ve got time to work on it. Still, I want to get it done so I’m not freaking out in mid-March that the deadline is looming. Once I get the details on the Kickstarter campaign I’ll drop a link here. Until then, I’ll keep this shrouded in mystery while I work on it.

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The video/podcast will be put off until I’m done that. I would have used this project as the basis for the video/podcast but I’m not exactly clear on what I’m allowed to talk about or show prior to the release of the anthology. Instead, I’ve decided to stream some practice sketches and comic strip work whenever I have a free moment to do so. Or I might just take a Tetris break and you can watch me do that instead. Whichever. Either way, I’m either going to do this on my personal YouTube channel or over on the Twitch channel I set up specifically for this purpose.

This post is all over the place, I’m writing it without a plan (other than announcing I got hired). In regards to this project, I have started the preliminary sketches (because I wanted to make sure I could actually draw it) and started the page/panel breakdown of what I’m going to draw. I thought about doing the Marvel method, but just drawing it based off the plot and adding the dialogue later sounds a little risky. I mean, this is my first published work, so I want to make sure I put 110% into getting it done right.