Hello Substack!

The other night I got an email saying a plugin on my website had updated. Then I got about six more so I just started deleting them as they came in. As it turns out, one of those emails was informing me that something went wrong with an update and my site was dead. Two days later and a quick conversation with my hosting company, we discovered which plugin cause the problem and deactivated it. Unfortunately, the damage was done and I had to restore the site from a backup that was roughly one or two weeks old, so all the work I put into revamping it last week has gone out the window.

I just set up a store and Patreon integration in hopes of turning my cartooning into a side gig, and now I’m quickly trying to put all that back together again.

This cannot be allowed to happen again.


So I am setting up this Substack account to serve as a back up. I am enabling payments and offering paid posts as an alternative to Patreon. This way, if my website goes down again for two days, I am moving the URL over here and this will become the new official website. Whatever I post to Patreon or MorningCoffeeComics.com will also get posted here, so if you end up being a paid subscriber, think of this as one stop shopping.

I know this sounds like I am being overly cautious, because I am. I lost two solid days of work and was just lucking I hadn’t begun advertising the store or the Patreon yet, otherwise that could have made a horrible first impression.