We’re Back!

It’s been a while since we’ve had an actual website for Morning Coffee Comics, but we’re getting busier here and decided the website is an expense that we can justify.

Because things are going the way they are going, we have instituted a mandate for Morning Coffee Comics: Make Comics. Talk Comics. Love Comics.

Let me elaborate:

Make Comics – They don’t have to be award winning, you just have to get your ideas down on paper and start drawing.

Talk Comics – Comics have a long history of being targeted at children as the primary demographic. I have found that couldn’t be further from the truth. Comics are for everyone and all ages and so let’s talk about that and maybe find something suitable for those not familiar with the medium.

Love Comics – Comics are for everyone. There are no gatekeepers preventing you from reading the comics you want to read, or making the comics you want to make. Not everything will be your cup of tea, so don’t speak ill of something just because you don’t like it. It may be someone else’s favourite.

A lot of these videos we make will be on YouTube, but we will also be putting a lot more effort into getting content onto our TikTok account.

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